Men are simple creatures. Although they love being stimulated during sex (or solo play), they tend to like it when we focus on one particular thing. Yup, you’ve guessed it — we’re talking about their lap rockets.

However, that pretty much means they’re missing out on many sensations.

Have you ever been in the throes of passion with your dude and taken your time to kiss and lick their torso and had them shove your head down to encourage you to get to the main course? Yeah, that happens a lot. But that’s only because they don’t yet know how sensitive their nipples might be.

Of course, that’s not the case for every man, given that we’re all sensitive in different areas. However, chances are, your man has nipples that are even more sensitive than yours. So why not show them some tender love and care?

Male nipple stimulation is not a thing (yet)

If you ask 100 ladies if they liked their breasts and nipples played with during sex or foreplay, 59 of them will say (hell) yeah. However, if you ask 100 men that same question, only 17 will answer with an affirmative.

The statistics don’t lie. However, do they imply that men don’t have sensitive nipples? Absolutely not. They are, in fact, definitive proof that men have gone too long neglecting parts of themselves.

Women touch their breasts more often than men. They examine themselves for signs of breast cancer, for one. However, they also fondle their bosom when they’re enjoying some solo time. Men rarely do so, which is why they have no idea what they’re missing out on.

So how do we show them? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Use your hands (for male nipple stimulation)

If you want to drive your partner wild and show them what they’ve been missing out on, start the foreplay with some hand nipple stimulation. It’s a great way to ease them into it (if they aren’t on board yet).

  • Light strokes — Lightly caress your partner’s torso and pay special attention to the nipples. Use gentle pressure of your fingertips to stroke both nipples. Spice things up by making the strokes of your thumb and index fingers circular. Tease him by going in wide circles around the nipple first and then slowly make them narrower and narrower until you hit the center.
  • Add some rolls — If you get a positive reaction, amp things up. Roll the nipple between your fingers. Start with light pressure and slowly increase it.
  • Don’t be afraid to pinch a little — Nipple pinching isn’t for everyone, so be warned. However, it’s an excellent step up from rolling and can even induce nipple orgasms in those with extremely sensitive chests (but don’t expect that to happen every time or with everyone; it’s quite rare).
  • Or even slap — Use your open palm to slap your partner’s chest. Try to hit the nipples with the very tips of your fingers.
  • Flick and twist — Flicking the nipple with your nail or twisting it between your fingers can also feel good, especially if you’ve worked your way up to it.

…And your mouth

Of course, the fun doesn’t end there. It’s time to put your mouth where your fingers were and attack those erogenous zones with your tongue!

  • Just the tip, please — Before you start licking his nipples, focus your breath on them for a bit. Then, gently circle the nipple with your tongue. Use the tip if you want firmer pressure.
  • Flicks and strokes — While you’re lovingly attacking the nipple with the tip of your tongue, try flicking them. Then, flatten your tongue for a nice, thorough lick (or a few dozen).
  • Nibble, nibble — Use your teeth to lightly nibble on the nipple. Don’t chow down on it! Gentle, barely-there pressure is all you need.
  • And then bite down — If he’s into it, then you can up the stakes by increasing the pressure with your teeth and biting the nipple.
  • But don’t forget to soothe them — There’s only so much biting one person can take. After you’ve introduced the nipples to your teeth, comfort them by stroking them with your lips. Use the insides of your lips because they are wet and soft. Then, since you already have the nipple in your mouth, suck on it. It will drive him wild.
  • The double whammy  — Finally, to finish him off, use both your hands and mouth. Roll the nipple between your fingers, pull on it, and then use the tip of your tongue to lick its peak.

Take a walk on the wild side

Just like genital stimulation, there are many approaches to nipple stimulation. You can use just your hands or mouth, but you can also use some naughty aids that will help you drive your man wild.

Ice, ice, baby

Ice cubes are great sex toy stand-ins. The coldness will make the nipple harden and stimulate it. Make sure to lick up all that water that melts! Your warm tongue will be a welcome relief to his nipples after the cold, hard ice.

Grab that candle

The other side of the temperature play coin is to use warm wax. If you’ve both discussed it beforehand, drip some wax around and directly on his nipples.

And take a trip to the kitchen as well

If wax play is too risky for you, or you simply aren’t into it, there are other ways to spice up nipple play. Coat his nipples in whipped cream or chocolate topping and then lick everything off. Make sure to do a thorough job!

Grab some toys!

Sex toys can enhance any type of play (nipple play included). If you’re looking for nipple-specific toys, you have plenty of options:

  • Nipple suckers

These toys look like little nipple torture devices. They’ll make a vacuum around the nipple and increase the blood flow to them. That will make them more sensitive, which means that your finger and tongue action will be more stimulating.

  • Bullet vibrators

Although there are no vibrators that are made especially for nipples, you can always use a regular bullet vibrator to stimulate them. Just make sure you start at the lowest intensity and work your way up.

  • Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps fall into the fan-favorite category of sex toys. They’ll allow you to take your partner on that risky walk between pain and pleasure. LG online store seems to be the go-to nipple clamp source of everyone. Get yours, and don’t forget to use your safe words!

Author: blackrabbit798