If you’re looking for a new sex kink to try or something that could even turn out to be the wildest ride of your life, it’s time to get your keys, unlock your vehicle, and step on it! 

But wait! Before we continue with our insider tips on the naughtiest car sex adventures, it’s time for an important disclaimer. Car sex can be an unforgettable experience, but only if your vehicle is stationary. Do not attempt any sexual activity while driving your vehicle. Various movies have shown us what happens when you have a cock in your mouth during an unfortunate accident. Also, before you put the key in the ignition, there are several prep tips to keep in mind. So keep reading for the hottest guide on how to have fun and wild car sex! 

Look for a Perfect Place to Park 

Firstly, car sex can happen inside any motor vehicle that has enough space. That can be a sedan, SUV, truck, van, pickup truck — you name it. While you could think this type of sex is intended only for horny high school students who have no places to have sex other than a parking lot, that’s no longer the case. 

Tons of couples experiment with car sex and for a good reason. The tight and clammy space is incredibly intimate, plus it can give you the thrill of leaving your bedroom and doing the deed in public.

However, if you’ve never tried sex in a car, it’s best to learn from our experience and avoid some embarrassing situations. First, you’ll need to pick the perfect place where you can park. It’s usually best to scout it out and think about the ideal location beforehand. That may not matter if your car has tinted windows. However, if you’re exposed, you could get into some trouble if you attempt it in broad daylight. 

Generally, the best locations are empty parking lots, and the perfect times are in the evening, preferably after midnight. Try to avoid places that close at night (especially parks) as there could be security guards. Other locations with potential are mall parking lots, alleys, and the woods.

Use Some Lubricant 

If you and your partner are in a hurry and are just looking for a quick game of “car and garage,” don’t forget to bring your lubricant with you. Natural lubrication of the vagina could be a challenge if you’re short on time, so lube will always come in handy. Furthermore, a car can limit your choice of positions. Some positions will work much better with it during car sex, so don’t forget to, shall we say, put enough oil in the engine! 

Even better, lube could help you with other types of sex, such as fingering or handjobs. And if you’re planning to give or take it in the rear, always use some lube.

Choose Your Outfit, If Possible

In case you decide to plan out your car sex adventure in detail, consider your clothing. Both partners should wear comfortable clothes. Only wear items that you can take off easily, especially something cozy that will not constrain you. That means that lingerie, leather, and fancy costumes will not cut it. 

For women, skirts or dresses will be the simplest choice. They provide easy access and do not have to be removed for sex. But, women can also try sweatpants, yoga pants, or similar. Sweats are also good for men, but other items like button-fly pants with breathable fabrics are also practical. Lastly, you might want to think about how you would have sex with long nails, since you would have a very limited space for movement, your nails could cause some major scratches.

Make Use of the Front and Back Seat

Even though your options will be a bit limited, you can still switch between the front and back seats. It may be more comfortable to use the backseat, though. If you’re in front, it will only be possible if the receiving partner climbs on top. However, in the back, you can easily slide into missionary, doggy style, and a few other positions. 

The added space in the back can also help you experiment during foreplay. It also has a bit more air, which you’ll surely need during intense oral sex. What’s more, it’s more practical in case you need to duck or hide quickly. Many couples keep a blanket in the back, and you can use it to cover yourself and avoid suspicion. 

If in the front, remember to avoid the driver’s seat. Many things can go wrong here since you could bump the horn by accident and turn on the lights or wipers, which could get you caught. Use the front passenger seat if you must. Lastly, if you can fold your back seats, that means your car is practically built for fucking! Get them down and try all sorts of skin-to-skin action.  

Try Some Positions Outside the Car on the Hood

If you’re in a fully remote location with no chance of getting busted, you can exit the car and try some public sex.

Doing it on the hood is a wild option, but be sure that the car’s engine has cooled down and that the hood is clean. You may have seen this naughty position in porn before, but it’s actually quite simple. The receiving partner needs to climb on the hood and position themselves in missionary before penetration. Another thing to try is to lean against the trunk for oral or anal. Of course, if you’ve got an SUV or van, you’ll have a lot more options. The extra space will allow you to use various other car sex positions and get even naughtier. 

Crank up the Music

Another advantage of getting it on in a car is that music is always available. Reach out with your hand and turn on the car’s sound system. 

You can try the radio or music streaming. Additionally, you can always make your own playlists with the right amount of seductive tunes. While good music will make you feel relaxed during any sex session, it will be useful to play it in the car because it can also block out noise. That means your panting, moaning, groaning, and screaming will not be heard over the music. 

Involve Some Sex Toys

There are so many different types of adult toys out there today, and you shouldn’t miss out on all the fun. Bring them with you in the car and use them on your partner during foreplay or penetration. 

There are no limits here, as long as your partner is comfortable. However, remember that you’ll need something more practical and smaller for the car. Some of the things you can try are cock rings, vibrators, and butt plugs. You can use vibrators for additional stimulation during penetrative sex, or you can slide a butt plug in to simulate double penetration. For something even kinkier, you can use a ball gag and a blindfold to keep your partner quiet.

Additionally, the car is fantastic for various roleplay ideas! Try experimenting with scenarios like a kidnapping, bank heist, taxi driver, hitchhiker, etc. But, do it discreetly to not disturb the law. 

And remember, you don’t have to jump into sex straight away. To get used to car sex, you can try a hot kissing session and introduce light fingering or a handjob at first. Then, you can try sex during another session when you get fully comfortable. 

Closing Thoughts

Car sex can work wonders for your sex life, and it can help you explore your naughty and even perverted desires. So follow our simple tips, and you’ll surely be in for a wild ride! 

Author: blackrabbit798