In terms of size, there are small portable cages that are discreet. Larger cages allow erection, but restricts sexual intercourse or even orgasm. There are curved, straight, or more spherical cock cages, depending on the purpose or anatomical shape of ones penis. Some cock cages have different lock system. As you can see, wearing a chastity cage looks very complicated and may even be intimidating to some. So, we will talk about the health benefits of wearing a chastity belt that may encourage you to jump right in.

A Chastity Cage that is Comfortable to Wear

Before talking about how to use a chastity cage, you need to know the characteristics of  what a “nice” cage to wear. For a chastity cage to be able to be word for a long time there are several criteria to take into account. There are many comfortable devices at lock the cock you can choose from for you to ensure that you won’t have to worry about anything.

First and most importantly, hygiene, a silicone cage is less hygienic than a metal cage, a cage with a bar is more hygienic than a closed completely closed cage. Leaving a space for the penis to breath, and allows you to wash up without removing the cage.

Chastity cage wish

Which size should you get? It depends on your preferences. A large cage is more comfortable to wear because of the space around your penis. However, it may not be very discreet especially if you walk around in public with a bulge in your pants. The standard smaller cages are more discreet, however, the comfort will depend on how well your penis fits in.

If your penis becomes erect and you got a smaller cage than what you are supposed to have, it might cause pain when your penis starts pressing hard against the cage around it. So, make sure to correctly measure your penis in a flaccid state when choosing the size of your cage.

Advice from Professionals

Experts advice to start with ready-to-wear cages, closer to your size at rest, to discover the sensation and size of the ring to be worn at the base of the penis. Take your time to test it for a few days and if possible, try out a smaller size until you figure out which one fits you best. It may be difficult to define your limit because it is a personal preference, but you must be able to get used to it while not feeling too much pain. Wearing a cage should still allow blood circulation to prevent risk of necrosis.

After figuring out the best size that suits you, you can then freely purchase different cock cages that you desire. For beginners, do not attempt to wear your cage for straight 24 hours. It is advisable to wear it for 1 to 2 hours, and taking a break in between to check if there are any irritation. Gradually increase the time of wearing your cock cage, until you feel that you are ready enough for permanent chastity.

How to choose your model?

Getting into a chastity can be a personal desire or something that can be decided with your partner. If you want to get into chastity play with your partner, then choosing the right cage can be an acitivy partners. There are many models between 100 and 150 dollars. Depending on your use, the cage will have to be changed annually or every two years. There are two types of chastity cages that people tend to buy more often, the steel cages that are heavy but resistant, and the ones made of poly-carbonate which are lighter but may turn yellowish over time.

You should deliberately forget the leather cages that offer no security. The cage is often seen as a showcase by both partners, it is necessary that its aesthetic pleases them. It must be comfortable to wear daily without discomfort but restrictive to prevent erection. Ideally, the length and width of the tube equals that of the resting penis. To choose, it’s simple, you have to measure the penis after a cold bath.

Bring a non-elastic rope or string. Pass the rope around the penis and purses: make a tight knot, your finger should not be able to pass. Wear this string for a few minutes.

If you do not feel any discomfort and the rope does not slip, then you are at the right size. If not, try again. Gently cut the rope before measuring it with a ruler or a meter. If the length of the string is between 11.9 and 13.2 cm then the inside diameter of the cock ring must be 4 centimeters.

As per the Male chastity guide, if it is between 13.3 and 14.8 cm, the inside diameter of the cock ring must be 4.5 centimeters, between 14.9 and 16.3 cm, the inside diameter of the cock ring must be 5 cm and beyond, the inside diameter of the cock ring must be 5.5 cm and more. To avoid any bump in the trousers, the cage must orient the penis down.

Small comfort tip: prefer models with a short tube.

If you do not have much time to measure yourself, remember that a good case is big enough to avoid any irritating friction, while maintaining the ability to restrict orgasm.

Weight plays an important role when choosing a chastity cage. The heavier a cage is, the harder it is to wear, at least in the beginning. It is advised that you start with a light chastity cage like the bear trap or the CB-6000 before moving towards the Brig, a heavier man chastity cage.

Finally know that there are models to meet all your fantasies and custom models. Want to play the knight? The chastity cage Lancelot Diamond will delight you.

If you are looking for a cage that completely covers the entire penis, then The Houdini is designed for this and makes his your penis disappear as if by magic. Looking for a model that closes entirely? Try chastity cage with screw cap, the popular cage model used by Rose.

How to put on your chastity cage?

Lightly oil the inside of the cage and its ring: this facilitates the passage. Wash your penis and purses well with hot water and with soap and end it with cold water. You can stand up while putting it on. Get your penis through the ring, then gently squeeze your shaft to avoid any erection. Gently lock close the cage and lock it before giving the key to your partner. Always keep a spare key in case of emergency.

Is there something else to male chastity besides the sexual gratification that comes with that sweet, sweet denial? As it turns out, there is! And what’s more, the additional benefits we have in mind just might be more important for your relationship in the long run.

What Is Locktober?

Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s not that hard to figure it out. For an entire month (spoiler alert: October), chastity enthusiasts are taking their play on another level! That is, men are choosing to lock their genitalia up, mostly to increase their pleasure after 31-day of abstinence radically. 

To do that, they use devices called chastity cages that ensure they will stay committed to the challenge. Nonetheless, pleasure is not the only reason why people choose to participate — Locktober can be superb for your mental and physical health, too!

First of all, restraining your sexual energy can help you better understand your lady’s viewpoint on sex. Let’s not get stereotypical here — women can be crazy about sex as well. But the rule of thumb is that women suppress their sexuality more often than men. Additionally, guys, if you’re bashing your candle a little too much, you might want to visit your urologist. Avoiding that bill is another way how Locktober can help!

Lessons about your sexuality can be learned in various places, and many people desire a better understanding of their libido and comprehension of sexual drives. Some of them choose liberation, some choose abstinence. You do you, boo!

The benefits of Long-Term Chastity

Okay, now imagine your Locktober adventure somehow turned into years of chastity. Is this occurrence good or bad for you? Let’s start from the point 0 — you must be okay with this. Of course, there will be a moment or two when you would wish to give up. But, if your overall desire is to go this way, then buckle up! Quite literally.

Long-term chastity is not something that happens overnight. There are usually years of experimental and occasional chastity behind that decision. Every pro has its con, but right now, we shall focus on the good things.  More precisely, the main benefits that come with long-term chastity.


  • A stronger relationship with your key holderOh yes, long term chastity makes you fully dependable on your key holder. Yet, that is not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t matter if you are, i.e., married to that person, or you have a specialized relationship just for this, the outcome is the same. You will feel devoted! 


  • A huge leap out of the comfort zone — BDSM experimenting, in general, is a useful way to try new things and live your life a bit differently. Long term chastity, however, is not something that will go away after a few minutes. It becomes a lifestyle.

In the end, if you are a natural control freak, perhaps this wouldn’t work for you. Don’t forget that the chastity lifestyle means huge commitment, and, first and foremost, it relies on trust. Nevertheless, if you are looking for your very first kinky step and have someone to share the journey with, take a peek into the world of chastity. It might surprise you!

Author: blackrabbit798