After the camisole, here is the top step the cage. There is a multitude of chastity cage for men, of all materials, sizes, shapes and accessories. Indeed you can find cages made of silicone, metal, even wood. Level size there are small portable cages discreetly, larger allowing erection possible but preventing contact. In the forms there are curved, straight or more spherical. And accessory level, different closure systems, tips to make even more regret the erections, urethral probe and plug associated with the cage.

A Chastity Cage that is Comfortable to Wear

Before talking about cage, you need to know the characteristics of “nice” cage to wear. For a chastity cage to be able to wear a long time there are several criteria to take into account. There are many comfortable devices at lock the cock you can choose from for you to ensure that you won’t have to worry about anything.

First and most importantly, hygiene, a silicone cage is less hygienic than a metal cage, a cage with a bar is more hygienic than a closed cage completely leaving that can breathe the penis and preventing wash it without removing the cage.

Chastity cage wish

Now comes the question of comfort and discretion. A large cage allowing sex to deploy may be comfortable to wear, but under pants it is not very discreet and walk around with a big bump all day is not very discreet. Then the smaller cages, called standard, it is more discreet to wear and everything will depend on the size of your machine at rest for comfort.

If your sex can begin to unfold but is quickly blocked you will be hurt because the blood began to flow into the penis and it will grow to grow and be unpleasant. While if the cage is well adjusted to the size of the sex at rest, in case of erection, the sex cannot begin to inflate and will only pull the cage forward, which is not necessarily pleasant but not painful.

Advice from Professionals

That’s why expert advice to start with ready-to-wear cages, closer to your size at rest, to discover the sensation and size of the ring to be installed at the base of sex. Take your time to test a size a few days and then a lower one until you reach your limit. Difficult to define the limit, it’s very personal, but you must be able to introduce your testicles and your penis, while not feeling too much pressure on them. If the blood is difficult to circulate, there is a risk of necrosis.

Afterwards you can go crazy and buy, for you or offer your half, a custom cage. When you wear one for the first time, do not start with 24 hours of wearing, do 1 to 2 hours remove there and check your gear. It may be that there is an effusion to the foreskin, it will absorb itself alone do not fear. It will be necessary to find the right way to install it or model of cage not creating this effusion. Gradually increase the duration of wearing, until you feel ready to surprise your wife by offering a key for example.

How to choose your model?

Chastity responds to a desire and decides to two. Once you have agreed, you have to find the right cage to lock your sex. There are many models between 100 and 150 dollars. Depending on your use, the cage will have to be changed annually or every two years. Two types of cage are opposed: those of steel, rather heavy and resistant and those of polycarbonate, lighter but which yellow with age.

You should deliberately forget the leather cages that offer no security.The cage is often seen as a showcase by both partners, it is necessary that its aesthetic pleases them. It must be comfortable to wear daily without discomfort but restrictive to prevent erection. Ideally, the length and width of the tube equals that of the resting penis. To choose, it’s simple, you have to measure the penis after a cold bath.

Bring a non-elastic rope or string. Pass the rope around the penis and purses: make a tight knot, your finger should not be able to pass. Wear this string for a few minutes.

You do not feel any discomfort and the rope do not slip? Perfect, you are at the right size. If not, try again. Gently cut the rope with a chisel before measuring it with a ruler or a meter. If the length of the string is between 11.9 and 13.2 cm then the inside diameter of the cockring must be 4 centimeters.

As per the Male chastity guide, if it is between 13.3 and 14.8 cm, the inside diameter of the cockring must be 4.5 centimeters, between 14.9 and 16.3 cm, the inside diameter of the cockring must be 5 cm and beyond, the inside diameter of the cockring must be 5.5 cm and more. To avoid any bump in the trousers, the cage must orient the penis down.

Small comfort tip: prefer models with a short tube.

If you are lost at the time of the choice, remember that a good cage is narrow to avoid any irritating friction, but especially to remind the cage that it is under control.

Weight plays a role: the heavier a cage is, the harder it is to wear, at least in the beginning. It is advised that you start with a light chastity cage like the bear trap or the CB-6000 before moving towards the Brig, a heavier man chastity cage.

Finally know that there are models to meet all your fantasies and custom models. Want to play the knight? The chastity cage Lancelot Diamond will delight you.

The cage is forbidden to touch his sex? The chastity cage The Houdini is designed for this and makes his sex disappear as if by magic. Looking for a model that closes entirely? Try chastity cage with screw cap, the popular cage model used by Rose.

How to put on your chastity cage?

It is very easy to put on a chastity cage, 6 quick steps are enough

Lightly oil the inside of the cage and its ring: this facilitates the passage. Wash your penis and purses well with hot water and with soap and end up with cold water to unburden. Stand up if you already have some experience or sleep if you start, pass your sex and your scholarship in the ring. Gently pinch the skin of the purses and pull them down to avoid any erection. Attention to the meaning, you must be able to lock the ring by connecting it to the cage. Do the same with your cock in the cage. Use cold water or ice cubes in case of erection.Pass the lock in the holes dedicated to it at the top of the cage and the ring and close it all. Or close the handcuff if your cage is equipped. Give the key to your partner; always keep a double sealed envelope in case of emergency.

Author: blackrabbit798