Sexual practices born in the Middle Ages, BDSM is the result of the association of sadism with the Marquis de Sade and masochism with Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch. This set of extreme sexual games, very popular with couples in the second millennium, often uses a number of SM accessories to perform these special evenings. To assume the variants of these hard sex games, all necessary erotic items are available in your online store because ilxelle is a sexshop BDSM. With an experience and an increased professional knowledge of this sphere, ilxelle is able to offer you the best choice of sadomasochistic utensils with a range of more than 1000 SM products available immediately.

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Dedicated to purists and experienced practitioners, ilxelle is also a sexshop BDSM

True excitatory libido, it is practiced as you please hard or soft. Generator of meaning, it energizes the sexuality of straight couples, but also homosexuals. Uninitiated, participants will give warmth to their sexual relationship and will easily surprise the partner. For purists and seasoned practitioners, it is an art but also a philosophy combining practice and spirituality. Strong and intense games meet essential rules that are even more numerous than the number of variants or people who exercise. With his blog BDSM ilxelle brings advice and ideas to both novices and experienced practitioners. Without pretense of many themes, even extreme, are addressed.

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If you want to “do not”, be careful

We all know that we find everything on the net, as in real life elsewhere, ads, chats, BDSM forums, etc. and that it is so easy to pass for a person who is not, behind the keyboard of a computer, or smartphone. Some men who call themselves Dominants are mostly people who use BDSM to find easy prey.

 Deprived of the qualities of a dominant, they claim to be without being and have interest only by their little game. Not to mention that many people, despite their good will, have no, little, or no knowledge of the BDSM reality, which makes them worrying, even dangerous, during a session. It must be admitted that sometimes a “long” experience means almost nothing. We may have been nil and remain so.

Question of sensitivity

While the majority do not present a real risk, the same is true for a number of others, who carefully select their prey according to specific criteria, for example, inexperienced, novice,married, or couple, etc. Why these criteria? Simply because the novices have no elements of comparison and their criteria of judgment are insufficient. Brides, in case of problems, will hesitate to file a complaint, lest their spouse learn.

You have to know that there are several kinds of abuse, as physical as moral, as brutality, violence, disguised prostitution, blackmail and also various robberies, rape, the scourge of drugs, etc. Sad observation but, inevitably, the bastards too are part of this world. However, we can never say it enough: common sense exists. Think about it without moderation and if you do not feel ready to do it, do not run!

Reminder: Your first meeting should take place is essential in a public place, cafe, restaurant, etc.

To have the fantasy of engaging one’s hands with someone else is one thing, but putting yourself in danger and meeting an imbalance is another! You never know who you are dealing with, especially with the meetings made behind the keyboard! The person you are talking to, no matter how much time you have spent communicating, is still a stranger.

At the first appointment, do not play. Wait to know him better for that. You have to be totally unconscious to decide to be stopped by any stranger met via internet. First and foremost, be reasonable and think again!

You do not start such a complicity the same day. Take your time. Get to know the person. Long detailed interviews by email are necessary and essential before any physical encounter, first around a drink. Read the correspondence carefully and analyze each word. Try to find the possible flaws. Talk with him on the net, and then on the phone, several weeks, if necessary, before accepting the first physical meeting. Speak without communicating all your personal data from the beginning!

Ask questions from A to Z.

A specific question implies a precise answer. It must be known that this universe is not innocent and that if for some the experience is unforgettable, it remains nonetheless that we address here practices that can be dangerous. They should therefore know where you put your feet. Remember: BDSM games are based on trust, which itself requires honesty and absolute responsibility.

Author: blackrabbit798