23 Weird Places To Have Sex, According To People Who’ve Done It

There are plenty of places to have sex out in the world if you get creative, but usually, everyone winds up in the same place: the bedroom. I mean, yes, you can go to your bed, your partner’s bed, or heck, maybe even a hotel bed if you feel like taking a walk on the wild side. For the most part, though, a lot of people keep it pretty vanilla with their location choices for sex… or at least that’s what I thought, until a couple of Reddit threads asked people to share the weirdest places to have sex from their personal experience.

From playgrounds to Target parking lots, let me just say this: People are getting freaky in places way more exciting than the bedroom. Read along and prepare to have your mind blown.


Swing, in an empty playground.
With another reddit user, who may or may not see this.
— PurpleThirteen


Target parking lot.
I like to keep things classy.

— kinseytark


On the hood of the car in a church parking lot. We were definitely watched, but not by any.. corporeal bystanders.
— transfixedonwhy


Family reunion
— sickjuicy


I got f*cked in the *ss at the election booth
— wttk


Burger King bathroom

— PutinsButtCheeks


Floating canoe
— ColdBeef


A Disney Princesses on Ice show. Found an empty dining room only used for bigger events. The table clothes were a nice touch, thanks empty dining room.
— SuckMyUname_plz


I lost my virginity on Easter in the front row of a movie theater. Have also had sex in a bathroom at a gas station that was in a bad part of town.
— debeezy


Back of a car next to my house in the alley infront of my Police Officer neighbors house as he was coming home.
— Full-of-Bad-Ideas


In a tiny shed, resting against a lawnmower

— VapeForMeDaddy


On the side of a cliff over a river.
— NotBearhound


The court house restroom right before getting married.
— Hey_IT


Did it in her pool when her parents were inside the house
— NeedMoreMayo


Children’s birthday party (with another adult), her grandmothers closet (with her grandmother in the bedroom), a Pizza Hut, dog shelter (with another adult), one of those mega churches.

— whitegoldz


Starbucks parking lot with a girl who was on a date with another guy who was in that Starbucks waiting for her to return to the date.
— donutshopsss


On a trampoline in my girlfriend’s backyard.
— philnich


On a golf course. It was night time, but people saw us and one of them made a joke about “the 19th hole”. Yes, we were drunk.



— FizzFoxFaxen


Beach at 5am with joggers jogging past
— nickachu_


The lobby of my parent’s apartment building.
— jgaskins34


Party bus.
— high_side


On the Great Wall of China.
— Samseaster

Honestly, that list left me pretty speechless, but let me leave you just one thought: How awkward would you have felt if you were on your family vacation to the Great Wall of China and noticed a couple doing it in the background of your family photo? LOL.

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Why Do So Many Men Watch Porn In Public Places?

It’s not often that I have cause to feel sorry for an MP. But a nice bit of light relief from the current political chaos was a photo, shared earlier this week, which appeared to show a politician watching something rather interesting on his smartphone, in the House of Commons.

MP Anna Soubry posted the picture on Twitter in the wake of the general election, asking ‘Is this the first Parliament where everyone thinks they’re a winner when in fact we’re all losers except the DUP?’

But eagle-eyed social media users started to wonder what was on the screen of the man sat in front of her – Jonathan Djanogly, MP for Huntingdon.

Hundreds of people piled in, accused the MP of looking at porn at work. In the end, Djanogly was forced to confirm it was actually this image on his Twitter feed (and that he had been in the Chamber, not the House itself)

Nonetheless, it did raise the interesting question around the way we use our phones in public and the workplace. You see, I have found myself in situations where I have had something entirely improper on the screen of my mobile phone, in a setting where nudity really does not belong.

When I’m bored, my fingers take on a life of their own. I flick at the screen of my phone: first Twitter, then Facebook, then my email and by that point, if nothing else has caught my attention, Tumblr.

If you’re not familiar with Tumblr, it’s a blogging platform that has become a bit of a haven for porn. Like on Twitter and Instagram, you chose who to follow, then your account curates photo and text from all those sources. I follow a variety of people from fashion designers to foodies – and in that mix, is porn. Indeed, a study in 2013 concluded that 11.4 per cent of Tumblr’s blogs were “adult”. Which means that a staggering one in 10 of its blogs contained images of people doing the nasty. And that was four years ago.

So, yes, occasionally, when I’m waiting for a lift or a train or I’m in a boring social situation, I will flick over a website that provides me with porn, weaved in with all sorts of other amusing images and articles. And that seems completely normal.

I am not the only one. I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat behind someone on a train who is absent mindedly watching porn or looking at nude photographs. Just looking. Like they would at the football results or Candy Crush.

Cara, 31 told me that she recently sad behind a man on a bus who was scrolling through escort profiles of scantily clad women, presumably selecting someone he wanted to have sex with. This sort of behavior would once have taken place via a nervous phone call from a phone box. For a man, just a few years ago, getting in touch with a sex worker would have likely been the result of consideration and effort. Now it’s a lazy search engine enquiry.

Porn is in much the same place. Once, if you wanted to access X-rated images, you had to put on a wig and a trench coat and ask a man behind a greasy counter to sell you a magazine. Then internet was invented.

I’m a little jealous of those who grew up in a time when typing the words ‘YouPorn’ into a search bar weren’t an option. I can only imagine the excitement that would have come from illicitly acquiring a magazine or video that contained things you had never seen before.

A male acquaintance, who wanted to remain anonymous, admitted to me that he sometimes watches porn at work
But, as with all wonderful things, porn comes with downsides. I strongly believe that our over-exposure to sex has left us needing to have more and more extreme relations. And I also wonder whether our on-screen pursuits are seeping into our everyday lives more than we realise.

A male acquaintance, who wanted to remain anonymous, admitted to me that he sometimes watches porn at work.

“I work long hours, in an office that values presenteeism. If I didn’t occasionally watch porn at work I’d never watch it at all. But I admit that sometimes it’s a weird feeling to be in the bathroom watching a woman having a threesome, and then go back to my desk and swap back to seeing women in a professional context instead of a sexual one.”

I don’t find that having nudes in my Tumblr feed changes the way that I treat the people around me, but there’s no question that it makes me see sex and nudity as unremarkable. When Amber Rose posted a picture of her vulva earlier this week, I didn’t blink an eye. Nudity is nothing to think twice about and I wonder if that might be stripping away some of the magic.

Porn is not shocking and it’s not shameful. It’s wonderful that people feel freer than ever before and that those of more niche sexual persuasions, like BDSM, know that they are not alone.

But the thing about porn is that if it’s not illicit or secretive or hidden, it’s less of a thrill. If you can have it whenever and wherever, it becomes considerably less exciting. In fact it becomes so unexciting that you end up flicking over it on your mobile phone while you’re sitting on a bus, or in the office.

Shocked by my own lack of shock at all this, I’ve taken the step of deleting the Tumblr app from my phone. It can’t be good for me to think that naked bodies on a phone screen are par for the course. From now on I’ll be viewing mine illicitly, vintage style.

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Internet Porn

Internet Porn – cheaper, accessible and beneficial!

Nowadays, we are living in the technical era where we can access everything while sitting in the home. Here we are talking about porn that is providing enormous benefits to the user. Nowadays, you can access porn at home. The best thing is that you can watch porn in private mode without informing someone. It is one of the best inventions because one can satisfy their sexual requirements. If you don’t have a sex partner, then porn can be a reliable option for you. There are thousands of porn sites are out there where one can access different porn, camgirls, live shows, and many more things.

Moreover, you should opt for the best Website dedicated to porn and sex in unusual way/places. After finding the website, you can download your favorite porn in the fraction of seconds. Nowadays, youngsters have become interested in the sexual relations and seeking information regarding the sex. With this article, we have listed some of the benefits of porn.

  • Accessible

You will able to access porn anytime and anywhere. It requires a strong internet connection and a perfect gadget for it. According to professionals, it is the best entertainment source that Is accessible anytime. However, one can watch any time of videos and porn according to their requirements.

  • Cheaper

Plenty of sites are out there that are providing the porn free of cost. If you are watching porn from the premium website, then you have to buy the premium membership of it. It is available in the reasonable worth. With the help of such subscription, one can start a conversation with the cam girls. However, you can start the conversation with girls in the private rooms.

  • Anonymous

Most of the websites aren’t requiring details about the account. However, you can watch the porn videos in the demo modes. Therefore, it is a reliable option for those who don’t have any partner. Make sure that you are giving credit/debit card details to them.

  • Addictive

No doubt, it is the best Facility, but you should watch porn occasionally because it can be addictive. Therefore, you should ban the website from your computer and personal phone. However, it will provide you pleasure, but it would be better occasionally.

  • Hire camgirls

If you don’t want to watch the porn, then you should talk with camgirls. It has become one of the best options because one can chat with any girl in the personal chat room. However, one should choose the best Website dedicated to porn and sex in unusual way/places. Well, camgirls will perform everything for you. If you don’t want to watch porn, then you must download the application for it.

  • Grab plenty of videos

According to the professionals, you will able to obtain thousands of videos from the porn website. You must choose the porn videos according to the categories.

Ultimately, you must opt for the best porn website where you will able to access a lot of videos and other services as well.

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How Can You Find The Perfect Anal Beads for You?

While sex through vaginal penetration is classic and assumed by everyone, anal sex is a decision of each couple. The man is the one who usually makes the proposal, and you try once to decide if you like it or not and if you want to enter it in the menu.

The first impression counts for anal sex

The first impression is crucial with regard to anal sex, many women refusing to deal with the act because of the discomfort or even the pain that sometimes accompany it.

The detail you omit is that you may miss a real pleasure just because you have not prepared yourself for the first date with anal sex.

Unlike normal sex, where only first experiences are known to be painful, anal sex is regarded with hesitation because the pain is the same every time. That’s why the first impression counts!

Well, there are a lot of tactics that can turn anal sex into an intense and rewarding experience right from the first attempt. Loveplugs has a guide for using anal beads for starters. You can go there and learn a lot.

Step 1 – The attitude of pro anal sex

If it seems like a dirty act or does not tempt you at all the idea, it is not necessary to try it for his sake only, hoping that the appetite comes by eating. When you accept to have sex, you have to be really curious and free of inhibitions on this subject.

It is advisable to experience the touches in the anus area before. You can not want a certain kind of food if you do not know its taste.

First experience the touch of the anus with a well-lubricated finger. Include this practice in your regular sex parties. It is not excluded that you have the first anal orgasm in this manner. Then, you can venture into the actual penetration of your own.

Step 2 – Prelude to anal sex

Any party of anal sex cannot be started passionately, without prelude, except in rare cases. Even in adult movies, the actresses need heating.The anal sphincter binds to any sense of fear or anxiety. That’s why your relaxation and partner’s patience counts enormously.

Well, if you are at the beginning of the road, heating is essential. Your boyfriend must first stimulate your clitoral and vagina and make sure that you are very excited, in total! You can first make a normal sex until you get as close as possible to orgasm. Throughout this time he can stimulate your anal, but with a toy or a finger. From this moment you set when you’re ready to start anal penetration.

Step 3 – Toys for anal sex

In search of anal pleasure, do not hesitate to buy sex toys like the best anal beads. They are specially created for anal stimulation, causing as much pleasure as possible. Thus, you will look at anal sex from a new perspective, a pleasure one.

Here are the toys for the anal area:

Butt plugs are small toys especially made for beginners. Manufacturers use fine and elastic fabrics to avoid painful penetration even for the worst. The shapes are conical, and some also have vibrations of adjustable intensity.

Some plug pins have a ring at the end, so your boyfriend can attach it to one finger and can stimulate your anal without any effort while doing normal sex.Depending on the facilities, prices range from 25 to 450 dollars.

Anal balls are ball -shaped toys. Some are inflatable and can also be adjusted to the desired size, with adjustable vibrations. They help you to easily achieve anal orgasm.Prices vary from 15 to 230 dollars.

Anal vibrators do not have the usual vibrator shapes. They are often thinner and specially made for anal stimulation. Prices range from 50 to 300 dollars.

Anal dildos are somewhat larger in size and are especially aimed at those who have already found the pleasure of anal sex and want to experience the stronger sensations.

Multiple forms are ingeniously built and thank everyone. Prices vary depending on complexity, from 30 to 400 dollars.

You can use anal toys to discover the pleasure of stimulating this area and you can integrate them into prelude or even in regular sex parties. Last but not least, they are preparing you through gradual stimulation for anal sex.

Step 4 – Positions of anal sex

Once you have gone through stimulation and prelude and are ready for anal penetration, the position is very important.In sex through vaginal penetration, the “woman above” is the ideal position, because the partner is the one who controls the rhythm and the depth of penetration. In the case of anal sex the position is contra-indicated!

For a successful anal sex game you have to choose those positions in which you avoid the movement. Why? Because you keep relaxing the anal sphincter, and the “procedure” does not get painful.

Here are the best positions of anal sex:

The best position for beginners is that of the missionary, except that you sit on your stomach, not on your back. In this position you do not need to move and you can relax. Guide it with your arms to get the rhythm and depth of penetration you want. You can set a code: if you squeeze it, it means you have to be gentler.

A position that pleases you is a variation of the missionary. Sit back, knees in the air. Your partner will kneel before you to find the right penetration angle. In this position you have some more freedom of movement if you feel you are ready for more action.

An anal sex position for the most advanced is doggie-style. The position retains the characteristics of vaginal penetration, only penetration is anal. Your loved one must be more careful at the angle of penetration in this case.

Step 5 – Anal orgasm, how do you get it?

When you have anal sex, do not forget the other erogenous areas. The chances of having anal orgasm increase if your lover stimulates both your vaginal and clitoral.Many women consider anal sex a novel fantasy, managing to achieve orgasm and rich imagination.

At the same time, anal orgasm is said to be the most intense type of orgasm and, through multiple stimulation, it also triggers the vaginal and the clitoral.As for anal sex, there are only two extremes, pain or pleasure. It’s up to you to touch the extreme of pleasure!

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Strengthen Your Vaginal Muscles With Kegel Balls

Vagina is a pathological condition in women, which is reflected in the pain and the inability of any of vaginal penetration, including sexual intercourse, hygiene products and the introduction of medical examination when penetration occurs involuntary contractions or spasms pubococcygeus muscle.

Causes and symptoms of vaginismus

Vaginismus is accompanied by pain, spasm of the muscles of the pelvic floor and vagina, and can also cause inflammation of the genital organs and neurological disorders. These are the muscles that affect the vagina.

The main reason for this pathological condition are neurotic disorders, trauma and irritation, which provoked acute defense mechanism unconscious character. Often the causes of vaginismus are depression, hysteria and obsessions.

The appearance of spasms in the vagina can provoke reckless actions during sexual intercourse, poor erection in sexual partner and abruptly interrupted sexual intercourse.

The most common symptoms of vaginismus vaginal muscles are cramping, pelvis and abdominal wall, as well as a sharp pain at any vaginal intercourse. Spasm may be acute or slow character, arising during sexual intercourse or vaginal examinations, as well as ideas perception penetration. As a result of spasm blocked the entrance to the vagina, which is a violation of the penis partner. You can learn more at https://loveballs.co/pages/vagina-muscles.

Features of the disease

Currently in medicine have identified a number of degrees of vaginismus – mild, moderate and severe. On how to treat vaginismus at a certain stage, it depends on the therapeutic effect. Mild disease is caused by neurological disorders, phobias and neuroses. In severe vaginismus current step require serious psychological and drug therapy, as a disease accompanied by severe pain and severe spasms prolonged nature.

Vaginismus is an uncontrolled disease that negatively affects the psychological, behavioral and emotional state of women. The girls and young women the disease, leading to the impossibility of sexual intercourse can cause complexes, depression and suicidal tendencies. Therefore, treatment of vaginismus should be not only medical, but also psychological.

vaginismus diagnosis

Vaginismus diagnosis is carried out using a pelvic exam, medical consultations and diagnostic tests (ultrasound, blood tests, swabs collection, etc). Prerequisite diagnosis of the disease is a psychological consultation with the identification of the patient’s complaints, problems in the sexual sphere, psychological traumas and phobias, negative sexual experience and physical abnormalities.

Gynecological examination

It detects the vagina and the presence of spasm, inflammation of the genital organs and violation in their structure. If necessary, such inspection is held under anesthesia or using weaker analgesic drugs.The causes of vaginismus and ways to eliminate it in the light current stage can determine the therapist and neurologist with a special survey.

Treatment of vaginismus

Neurologist and physician determine the factors that trigger the appearance of vaginal muscle spasms and pain. For the complete recovery is necessary to eliminate the physical, physiological, emotional and psychological causes of vaginismus.

Treatment should be unique and consist of psychological exercises, including complex and relaxation treatments.

If necessary, the doctor prescribes painkillers, procaine ointment to reduce sensitivity and pain in the genital organs. Also, the neurologist may recommend specific exercises to relieve tension, regular douche and breathing practices.

Cramps in the uterus – is the contraction of smooth muscles and body muscles. In this case, a woman has the feeling of petrification of the lower abdomen, and the pain is felt. Most often it is a signal about the appearance of faults in the uterus and diseases. The causes of malaise Cramps in the uterus can occur for several reasons. These include: The inflammatory process in the body or near it.

Situation after an Abortion

Cramps in the uterus occur due to contraction of muscles located in the lower abdomen, as well as in violation of the urogenital system. Another cause can be a painful periods or pelvic disease. Spasms, uterine pain should not be ignored and treated independently. If this happens, you need to seek help from a specialist. Sometimes the cramps in the uterus can occur in pregnant women. This happens when the spontaneous termination of pregnancy miscarriage and during pregnancy outside of the body ectopic pregnancy.

Spasms at spontaneous termination of pregnancy

If spasms and cramping occur during pregnancy, it may speak of its termination. Usually strong cutting pain appears in front of them, which can give to the sacrum. During spasms begin spotting from the vagina. They talk about placenta abruption or fetal eggs depending on the duration of pregnancy. If you ask for help at this stage, doctors will have a chance to preserve the fruit. After the miscarriage begins profuse bleeding, accompanied by uterine spasms and soreness. Spasm will continue for as long as you do not make special preparations. Cramps in the uterus during pregnancy in combination with a bloody discharge are very dangerous for the fetus. If this happens, immediately consult a doctor.

When there were spasms and pain, resembling the fight, then it may indicate a pregnancy that develops outside the body. This is due to the fact that the fertilized egg has not passed the way to the uterus and entrenched in the fallopian tube. In this case, the woman is not bleeding. This pregnancy is rejected by the body, and there is a spontaneous miscarriage. Uterine cramping and tubal egg gradually peeled from the wall.

Unfortunately, at this time the body is unable to cope on their own and need urgent surgery. If you do not, then with increasing gestational sac it can break the pipe. Uterine spasm after detachment of the embryo will continue for as long as he does not leave the body. Contractions of the uterus and cramping can be dangerous for women of childbearing age, especially if they are at risk.

These include representatives of the fair sex: suffered a pregnancy outside the womb; with tubal infertility; transferred inflammatory diseases of the uterus and its appendages; receiving or taking progestin contraceptives. Often a strong spasm of the uterus appears before algodismenorei (monthly, accompanied by pain).

Spasm is for some reason.

Among these you can point to:

  • Failures in metabolic processes. Receptors are nerve endings are very sensitive.
  • Organic pathology of genitals.
  • Violation of the uterine cervix and its structure.Improper location of the uterus.
  • Malformations of the sexual organs.

Causes of cramps before menstruation is not yet fully understood, and research is ongoing. Painful menstruation begins at a young age in people with asthenic constitution. In this case, it is accompanied by uterine spasms. They are also exposed to people with nervous system liability form. Sometimes it is inherited from mother to daughter. Most people, who are prone to the appearance of spasms algomenorrhea, take it for granted. They do not go to the doctor and drink painkillers, although disease should be treated. To the doctor should contact during the beginning of menstruation, after the onset of pain and spasms.

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