Vaginal muscles are better known as pelvic floor muscles, and their role is versatile. They don’t only serve a purpose within the sex realm — they control and support your organs too. We know strengthening them happens with Kegel exercise, but where do Kegel balls come into play? First, you have to master the art of Kegel exercise itself before you can move on to the balls. And we’re saying that because incorrect use can cause some serious complications.

Correct use of Kegel balls, however, can benefit you in many ways. Stronger pelvic floor muscles will do their job way better. And longer. Because as you age, the muscles weaken, and contracting and relaxing helps your vagina open. No, that doesn’t mean you’ll be walking around with an open vagina. It means your vagina will be more lubricated and aroused so you can enjoy your sexy times better. If you experience pain during penetration or doctor exams, they will go away too.

Needless to say, you do have to be a bit advanced in your Kegel exercise journey. But, if you start slow, you’ll open a whole new world for you and not just your vagina.

Performing Kegel Exercise

When it comes to performing Kegel exercise, things are as simple as breathing. It all revolves around flexing your vagina muscles and then relaxing. Does that sound easy enough? The tricky part is locating your pelvic floor muscle. Both men and women can perform Kegel exercises, but methods of figuring it out may vary. 

For men, try to stop mid urination or try not to let your room turn into a gas chamber. At least pretend to. Or you can try making your penis move up and down. We all know you do that already. Ladies can apply these same techniques. They can also insert a finger or a tampon into their vagina and squeeze. After a while of doing this type of flexing, working this muscle comes naturally. 

The best position for starting these exercises is lying down on your back. Practice makes perfect, so when you feel like you’re ready, you can move on. When you become a Kegel expert, you’ll be able to do all this casually no matter where you are. But, at first, try not to do your sets all at once to avoid strains. Yes, vagina strains. Also, make sure you also empty your bladder first. Because… you know. If you are worried about not being able to do your usual activities while wearing your Kegel balls, then you are wrong. In fact, you can go to the groceries, watch TV, or you can even do yoga using yoni eggs.

How Kegel Balls Work

The existence of kegel balls is no mystery. At least to those who are into more challenging vagina workouts. There’s not much that’s truly challenging about adding these balls to your routine, though. A regular Kegel ball has some weight to it, and that’s all the challenge there is. If you thought regular Kegel exercises were simple, wait until you read about how this works. You start by inserting them into your vagina. Boom. That’s it. All you have to do is keep the ball in using your pelvic muscles. Now you’ll have a new workout buddy that can follow you wherever you please!

Don’t get us wrong. Men don’t have to sit this one out. So men, if you’re envious of women’s ability to use these balls, fret not. It’s useful to remember that you have a hole for something like this too. Pop one of these boys in and go about your day. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it between us. It’s important to note that carrying kegel balls for extended periods can cause a strain. Discomfort or pain can appear too. In those cases, seek out your healthcare provider so they can tell you what to do next. It’s always best to tread carefully, and you’ll have strong muscles in no time. You may refer to for more information regarding how Kegel balls benefit vaginal muscles.

Examples of Kegel Balls

Kegel balls come in various types. Ben Wa balls and Yoni eggs are also types of Kegel balls. So what are they like? As we know, they come in different weights of around 40g to 120g. Not that heavy when you think about it, but what does your vagina think about it? Choosing the right kegel ball for you is based on your experience with kegel exercises. They can be single or double balls, even triple. Usually, they have a string or something that allows for easier removal. Of course, there are those (like Yoni eggs) that don’t. 


Crafting these small vagina balls includes different materials: silicone, metal, plastic, and their combinations. The ball itself has to be metal or contain a metal weight inside itself. That’s not the case only for Yoni eggs. They make those out of precious or semi-precious gems like jade, rose quartz, or even obsidian, etc. Depending on what you want to achieve by using them, Kegel balls can also vibrate as you move. Sit tight for this one because there are also magnetic balls. Yes, magnetic! We assume the best thing you can do with these is not sit on an also magnetic surface.

What Can You Take Away From This

We believe there’s a Kegel ball for just about anyone. People who prefer certain materials over others or those who have more or less experience. When diving into this new world, it’s essential to have no fears. Kegel balls are safe to use as long as you’re following your own set boundaries. Focusing on your body allows you to feel things better, and that’s how you’ll know when to push said boundaries. 


You can use Kegel balls for various reasons. It doesn’t matter if you want to strengthen your muscles, or you want to have better orgasms. You’re able to pick the type of ball that appeals to you based on your needs and wants. There are beginner sets and sets for more those with more experience. If you’re not sure which ones are best for you, you can always try with beginners’ options. What’s more, working your way up to heavier balls is easy too. However, it’s important to always keep in mind not to carry balls for too long. Vaginal strain and tearing are medical issues you’re best to steer clear from. But it’s not all that bad and scary and upsetting. Those things don’t often happen, so there’s no need to think about them.

Author: blackrabbit798