Before you purchase in a sex shop, experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the instructions and useful tips for the most popular products of the sex shop, like the famous New York butt plug shop. Hope that this information on sex with butt plugs will help you determine the purchase and give answers to the most common questions.

Do not know where to start – Buy a vibrator!

What is the best way to start a description of our products? Of course with a vibrator! An artificial phallus is a symbol and an orientation material example of sex shop products. Falommitator is a subject that can reproduce all the functionality and features of the penis in an erect state. Most dildos have a close resemblance to their natural companion, and sometimes not – an unusual and rare form is welcome. In any case, the dildo plays the role of a partner. It can also provide amazing orgasms while pregnant.

The vibrator or vibrating massager is a dildo, but only with vibration equipped with a vibro-element. Vibration during the stimulation of the erogenous zones of a woman helps to obtain additional pleasure. Dildos with vibrations have their fans and opponents. Its advantages: they can stimulate the clitoris, nipples, the crotch area, and even the back, that is, any erogenous zone of a woman or a man.

If you’re waiting until marriage before sex and use the toy vaginally, you can use certain types of vibrators, with a curved head, to stimulate even hard-to-reach points, like the G spot, thereby causing a woman’s vaginal orgasm, and in a man stimulating the prostate male point G. The disadvantages often include cumbersome noise as if someone is consuming eight phenomenal desserts, which can distract partners. In vibrators, the control path can be remote or embedded.

Vibrators with remote control

Vibrators can have a wide variety of forms: from small vibrating eggs, a classic plastic vibrator to realists made of the most realistic materials, and also anal vibrators. There is a mass of nozzles on vibrators, for more realistic use silicone, Cyberskin, etc. The vibrator is handy for couples where a man experiences premature ejaculation when a woman has not experienced an orgasm. It is a well-known fact that a woman needs more time to reach orgasm than a man. And the constant dissatisfaction leads to nevorzam and all sorts of diseases. Many couples use a vibrator or dildo in the final stage of the love game, to achieve the highest degree of enjoyment of a woman, and many in the foreplay stage to stimulate erogenous zones. Sex partners armed with a vibrator do not have any difficulties and complexes about achieving orgasm. In addition to sexual intercourse, a vibrator is used in love games and mutual masturbation.

Vibrators also benefit men during stimulation of the erogenous zones of the penis, bridle, scrotum, and anus; there is an improvement in blood circulation, and stagnation disappears. Especially useful for men massage the prostate gland, it increases blood flow, improves muscle tone. The strength and charm of dildos and vibrators are that they do not get tired and are always ready for battle! They are obedient, it is impossible to get pregnant from them, and they will not infect you with sexually transmitted diseases if you follow hygienic rules and norms.

There are few useful rules for sex with butt plugs that will prolong the life of your toys and the pleasure you have!

Battery Replacement

Batteries used in most vibrators are not recommended to be left inside after use. The fact is that batteries contain highly corrosive chemicals, which eventually begin to leak and quickly erode the contacts. The second reason to pull out batteries after use is to extend their life.

Houses for Toys!

You need to store toys in a dark place, preferably in a special box, container or fabric bag for some products such covers are included. Such an approach to the storage of materials will solve several problems at once: it will prevent dust from entering which is deadly for toys made of porous materials, protect it from light, bright lamps and sunlight cause the original color to fade. Manufacturers do not recommend storing toys of different elements together in the same package. All this, of course, does not apply to plastic products, devices after use: it is most convenient to put the washed, and dried toy in a bag put talcum powder on it and shake, talcum powder will cover the toy.

Little Cases don’t Disappoint?

Some people do not fully understand the importance of using professional lubricants designed for specific types of devices. Professional water-based oils or lubricants guarantee the absence of product damage by chemical reactions, and some have bactericidal and anesthetic properties. Also, during anal sex lubrication becomes a matter of prime necessity. Experts recommend you to buy lubricants complete with toys and be sure to draw your attention to the fact that is using greases on a fatty basis or with Vaseline which is a mineral oil with paraffin, you can damage the shell of products for solid devices made of Plexiglas, plastic, and metal, such restrictions do not apply. Sex toys from tender, realistic materials deteriorate from contact with oils, including massage. With lubricants, you can ensure that sex with Love Plugs always pleases you.


Sex shop presents to your attention such popular products as a strap-on. This toy is a dildo, which includes a nozzle in the form of a phallus and panties-straps.

Both women and men can use such intimate products like strap-ons. With us, you will find adult toys designed for men only and those made specifically for women. The main difference between male and female strapon is in their design. It can be either full-fledged latex panties or hip harnesses from straps, etc. These private goods presented in our store are made of high-quality silicone gel, latex, rubber, and plastic, as well as cyberskin. Materials of products are safe and harmless. Toys for adults provide the opportunity to get the same pleasures that partners usually experience when making love without additional attributes. At the same time, in some cases, it is the strap-on that will help bring more bright colors to the intimate life, for example, when a man has a weak erection, or when a woman wants to play an active role.

The main novelty of the private store is a beamless strap-on. Today they have become popular intimate toys. Their main difference from traditional products, as the name implies, is the absence of belts. Therefore, one of the main advantages of a stingless strap-on is that it strengthens the muscles of the intimate area of a woman. Secondly, thanks to him, the owner of this toy can not only be fun but also get it herself. The maintenance-free strap-on provides stimulation of erogenous zones and guarantees exciting and unforgettable sensations. In addition to strap-ons, you can always order from us other toys for adults that will make your life brighter emotionally. Every lovemaking will be a memorable event for you. And all that is required for this is contact our online store. When ordering from us, you will not experience the feeling of embarrassment that arises whenever you enter the usual urban salon of extraordinary things. With us, you can safely order strap-ons and other products for yourself and your partners, for example, game costumes, erotic lingerie, tips on the penis, vibrators and much more.

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