Welcome. This article is full of no-brainers. But maybe you’re a beginner and not very versed in these things. In that case, welcome again. Sit back, relax, don’t be so uptight. We’re about to change your mind about anal play. In a good way, of course.

Everybody has been curious about anal at least once in their lives. What does it feel like? Does it really hurt? We’re here to show you what are the benefits of anal play and why you should jump down that hole. There’s no need to worry about any discomfort because we’ll take things slow. 

Trust us when we say that you will change your mind in no time.

Simulates Double Penetration

If you think penetration feels good, how about doubling it up? There’s your threesome fantasy fulfilled. That’s in case your partner doesn’t feel comfortable enough with a threesome, and you still want that extra something. You get the gist.

In what ways does it simulate double penetration? The answer to this question requires logic only. Imagine sex with a butt plug. That’s it. Slip a butt plug into your rear end and watch new horizons open. If you were skeptical of reaching a butt plug orgasm, you’ll change your mind after this. 

We’re saying this to both men and women. Yes, men; anal toys can simulate a different kind of double penetration for you too. You get to be on both the giving and the receiving end. Do you know about prostate stimulation? Get familiar with it, and we promise you’ll never look back. And neither will your partner.

Adds Extra Sensation While Doing Vaginal Intercourse

Again, another no-brainer that swings both ways like a sex swing. Whether you’re a man or a woman, this applies to you. Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end of vaginal penetration, this will spice it up. 

Let’s give another example. Let’s say you’re not using a butt plug this time — you’re using anal beads. Or a prostate massager that vibrates. Anal beads aren’t the same as butt plugs, in the sense that butt plugs need to stay put while you should move anal beads. For maximum pleasure, that is. You can move them at the same time as you thrust or in the opposite direction. 

It’s no secret that butts are erogenous zones for many people. So playing with them while having good old regular sex can spice things up. If you want to experiment and feel something completely new, don’t shy away from some simultaneous play. You’ll find it amazing.

It Makes You Feel Sexier

Oh yeah. You read that correctly. If your booty is one of your erogenous zones, you’ll know what we’re talking about. For those that don’t, sit tight. 

You know, butt plugs, for example, have a unique design. You slip them through your back door and leave them there. It will stimulate your anus, whether it vibrates or not. There’s an adventurous side to all of this — you can wear them anywhere you like. Outside, to work, while shopping or just relaxing. Butt plugs can be your new best friend. Or at least a very close one. 

You know, the kind of friend that’s always up your behind. Knowing you’re wearing one and nobody else knows can make you feel extremely sexy. Powerful even, why not? Mysterious. Imagine what it can do for you during actual sex or playtime. Let anal toys be that little boost of confidence you might need.

Improves Your Masturbation Session

Now, it might be difficult to penetrate both your vagina and your anus at the same time. If you’re a man, you don’t have those issues.

If you’re a woman and you worry about not being able to pull off double penetration, worry no more. Double penetration toys do exist. Well, maybe we are jumping the gun, and anal penetration is all you desire. That’s perfectly fine too. Anal play can stimulate you in ways a few other things can.

For men, it’s way easier. You slip your butt plug or a prostate massager in, and you’re all set. You’re free to play with your penis as much as you like while being stimulated from behind. 

Masturbation is our sacred alone playtime. Partners aren’t involved unless they want to, and you let them watch or you can do a mutual masturbation. That can be a fun way to spice things up. 

Butt Plugs Prepare You for Anal Sex Especially If It Is Your First Time

Needless to say, being an anal sex beginner can be tough. There are some steps and safety measures to follow. After all, we don’t want to experience any discomfort. Especially with things that should be fun and feel good.

Butt plugs can help with that. Or anal training kits, which is essentially a bunch of butt plugs. They’re all of different sizes and can help prepare your anus for the main event. Always start small and make sure you use a lot of lube. Your anus has no way to lubricate itself, so you got to help it out.

Using butt plugs is perfectly safe. As long as you know your boundaries and push them slowly. Work your way up from the smallest you want to the largest you think you can go. However, always be careful and have safety measures in mind. That way, everything will go smoother.


So what is the takeaway? We’re sure it doesn’t take much convincing to understand why anal play is so amazing. Beneficial even. As long as you follow general rules of thumb, you’ll be safe. 

We put a lot of emphasis on safety, and that’s because it’s easy for things to go wrong. Anal strains and tears are very real and painful. Nobody wants to experience that, especially in something that should be fun and a way for you to experiment. 

However, you decide to use anal toys, whether alone or with a partner, they’ll surely change your sex life. Yes, for good. We’re sure you’ll never want to go back. But you’ll often turn to your behind for lots of things. Playtime is one of them.

Author: blackrabbit798