There are people who are passionately against rings as jewelry, and they’re vocal about it. (Don’t quote us on this; we don’t have a fact on it, but we’re in the Twitter Ages — people hate on everything). They go on telling others that they’re idiots for buying rings since they’re entirely useless and represent nothing. That one ring that does is, they say, pretentious and for people who want to show that they could be loved. Well, ringhaters, you’re about to lose this battle — we present to you cock rings!

Cock rings are pieces of jewelry for your penis, except that they’re not there just for the esthetics. Sure, they can look sexy if you buy the right ones, but their primary purpose is to help you out with your sex life. Cock rings can assist in dealing with erectile dysfunction, as they stop the blood leaving your erect penis (resulting in that sad trombone sound effect). ED, more often than not, creeps up with age, but it can also strike younger folk and not just be a one-off event. Now, to get a cock ring to do its magic, you put it over your (semi-)erect penis and place it at its base. If you have trouble achieving an erection to start with, a penis pump could be your best buddy. Subsequently, the ring will “trap” the blood, and you’ll have a lasting erection (among other cock ring benefits).

But, as always, we hear the words “blood” and “penis” in the same sentence, and we immediately think something’s wrong about it. Well, we’re here to discuss that!

Health Precautions About Wearing a Cock Ring 

The first question that springs to everyone’s mind is: is a cock ring safe? And yes, they’re perfectly safe to use, as long as you know how to use them. First of all, before even trying one on, you should make sure you don’t have any existing medical conditions that might make the ring backfire. For instance, you should avoid it if you have a cardiovascular or nerve disease or if there’s soreness in your groin. Additionally, rings are not a good match with blood-thinning and awareness/attention enhancing medication. If you are on any of these meds, it would be wise to ask for medical advice first.

If you haven’t checked any of the boxes above, you’re clear to go. Remember, however, that a cock ring is a sex toy that controls your blood flow within your penis. When you put it in place, make sure it’s not too tight around your shaft. If you feel too much pressure, you’re not doing it right. What’s more, you shouldn’t wear a ring for more than 30 minutes. Ideally, set a timer when you put it on so that you can know when to take it off.


If you follow the advice above, you’re good to go. There are several misconceptions surrounding cock rings that deter potential customers from buying one. For example, many people believe that a tightly-fitted cock ring can break your penis off. While it is theoretically possible, that will simply never happen if you’re attentive. A ring can cause cell damage only if you wear it for several days at a time (a lot longer than the recommended 30 minutes)! So as long as you don’t fall asleep with it, you’re all good!

Lastly, you could probably find online people saying how rings can damage your skin or get stuck on your penis. These are all cock ring dangers that can occur only in wild scenarios; however, if you’re moderate, there’s nothing to worry about.

Choosing the Right Size

As we’ve said above, there are specific things you need to make sure are appropriate when choosing your toy. One of them is the size of your cock ring. You must make sure it’s neither too tight nor too loose. If it’s the former, you can cause damage to your penis and skin, and the last thing you want is to stop your sexual activity because you have to go to a hospital. If, on the other hand, your ring is too loose, it won’t stop the blood from leaving your penis, defeating its purpose.

However, if you don’t know which size fits you, you’d probably be best off buying one made out of flexible materials. That way, you could stretch it and adjust it at the spot. Nonetheless, here’s a tip on how to choose the right size.

Take a strip of paper (or a string) and wrap it around your flaccid penis. You should wrap it around the base and then measure the circumference (how long the strip of paper is). Then, simply divide that number by pi (3.14), and you’ll get your penis diameter! 

Choosing the Right Type

The size of your toy is the most vital thing when it comes to cock rings. After that comes the weight. A heavier cock ring will cause you to be more sensitive, and, consequently, get a more pleasurable experience. However, if they become too heavy, they can be detrimental to your penis’ health and cause nerve damage. So if you’re into weighted rings, start off with a light weight and work your way up as your penis gets accustomed to the idea.

As for the material, you can use flexible ones such as rubber or silicone, which you can adjust (and cut in two if necessary). There are also a bit firmer options, such as neoprene, leather, and metal, which are more difficult to remove but provide a tighter grip.

After that, it’s pretty much your choice what kind of playground you want to have. You can buy a vibrating cock ring for scrotal or clitoral stimulation if you wish. Otherwise, you can go for something different. Some rings, for instance, have extensions in the shape of a butt plug so that you can have some back-door fun as well! It’s up to you, really.

Benefits of Wearing a Cock Ring

Aside from their primary use (maintaining an erection), there are other benefits to using cock rings. First off, your erections will be harder, and your penis will grow slightly bigger. This toy doesn’t perform any miracles, but you will be able to tell the difference. Additionally, you will be more sensitive, and your orgasms will be more intense. The ring will also make you last longer.  Obviously, you need to make sure that you know how to use them, so you don’t hurt yourself, so here is, for a detailed guide on how to insert a penis plug.

All in all, even if you don’t suffer from ED, a cock ring can enhance your sex life and won’t cause any problems, so long as you use it the correct way.


Author: blackrabbit798