All you need to know about how to use penis plugs. Cock rings (or penis rings), as the word itself says, are a range of sex toys usable on the male genital apparatus. They can be worn on the penis and / or around the scrotum, depending on the size, and have the effect of improving male sensitivity and performance. Often in silicone, TPE or other synthetic materials that adapt to the body, for the most demanding penises and lovers of strong sensations there are also more rigid leather or metal. To the simplest forms, modestly circular, are added models with extensions, bullets, sheaths and vibrations. You can go to to learn how to use penis plugs.

How do cock rings work?

Cock rings are worn with the help of a water-based lubricant, under pain of unintentional depilation or trapped skin flaps (ouch!). The compression of the penis shaft slows down the outflow of blood, which causes it to swell, and allows man to maintain a stronger, longer lasting and controlled erection. The rings also provide additional pleasure beyond that of sexual intercourse. Worn around the base of the scrotum, it lowers the testicles, increasing their sensitivity, especially as they approach the moment of orgasm. You need to know also How to use penis plugs.

The penis rings cause very erotic sensations also to the recipient, going to rub against the vaginal or anal mucosa. Those with special shapes are designed to stimulate the erogenous zones surrounding the penetration: according to the physical conformation of your lovers, you can use them to give pleasure to their vulva and clitoris or to the testicles and prostate (from the outside). A separate discussion must be made for the vibrating rings: to all the pleasure already described, they add the stimulation of the vibrations. A good lubricant will transmit the sensations to the whole area, for a wonderful vibrating orgasm.

Warning: remember to wear a cock ring compatible with the condom and use only water based lubricants with toys made of synthetic materials!

The penis ring is one of the most popular sexual objects lately, designed to increase the pleasure during the relationship both for her and for him. The market offers a wide variety of shapes and designs, among which you can choose the normal or vibrating version. To use a penis ring in a comfortable and pleasant way it is important to choose one that suits your characteristics.

There are various rings for the penis that are adaptable and therefore do not import the measures or the shape of the phallus, because the object can change. The classic rings have the function of giving a more powerful and lasting erection, while the vibrating ones give a great pleasure to the partners because during the act they go to stimulate the clitoral area, increasing the pleasure for both.

A ring for erectile dysfunction is a circle that is positioned around the base of the penis. Most of these rings are made of a flexible material such as rubber, silicone or plastic, others are made of metal; moreover some rings are composed of two parts: a circle that fits around the base of the penis and a part that narrows the testicles.  Rings work best when a man manages to have a partial or total erection, but have difficulty keeping it; they can also be used with a vacuum pump that fits into the penis and draws blood gently. When the erection has begun, gently stretch the ring from above the head of the penis to the base; Keep these tips in mind:

  • Be careful not to crush pubic hair
  • A personal lubricant can help to slide the ring
  • Wash the ring gently before and after each use. Use warm water and a small amount of neutral soap.

We must not sleep with the inserted ring; most manufacturers recommend removing the ring after 20 minutes; some subjects may be sensitive to the ring material, in this case, discontinue use and consult a doctor if the irritation develops in one of the two partners. Some subjects claim that orgasm with a ring for erectile dysfunction is not very powerful.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain an erection sufficient to have a complete sexual relationship, affects millions of people by altering their lives under sheets, often with consequences outside of them. A cockring can be used in the case of erectile dysfunction: in fact, worn at the base of the penis it will prevent the outflow of blood from the erect penis allowing it to remain turgid for as long as possible. In this case it is not necessary to insert the testicles in the ring. Premature ejaculation, on the other hand, is the most widespread male sexual dysfunction and involves an ejaculation that occurs during the first minutes of the relationship, before the individual wants it. The cockring will help to prolong the relationships in a natural way, without the use of chemical means such as retarding gels.

A phallic ring can be used to prolong an erection with the aim of increasing sexual pleasure, maintaining an erection after orgasm or even to promote a more vigorous and lasting erection. To achieve these results, the cock ring should be worn at the base of the penis. Also inserting the scrotum into the ring, the feelings of pleasure increase: near the orgasm, the testicles retract towards the body; thanks to the presence of the cockring the erogenous zone will be pleasantly stimulated, giving sensations of amplified sexual enjoyment.

The vibrating ring is a sex toy dedicated to the pleasure of both partners.The most famous on the market is that of Durex, easily available in pharmacies and supermarkets, spending less than 10 euros.There are several ways to use it: the first is to place it around the man’s penis before penetration. In doing so, the pleasure is double and felt by both partners.

Another use of the ring is dedicated to female pleasure: passing it on the clitoris provokes a very exciting stimulation for the woman. The innovations of this type of vibrating ring are two: first of all, its use is not only dedicated to men to help them maintain erection longer and in secundis can be used both with and without a condom.

The durex has also launched on the market a version of the disposable ring : this device, whose estimated duration is around 20 minutes, costs only 5 euros and can be thrown away after having finished using it.

Author: blackrabbit798