For years now, the movie theater has been the go-to meeting place for people in the United States. From the Golden Age of Hollywood to the now oversaturated superhero-movie market of today, we’ve fallen in love with the idea of watching the big silver screen. And so, you could say that cinema has become a temple of worship for many of us.

Enjoying all sorts of emotions with other people is an overwhelming experience we enjoy on an almost animalistic level. That group feeling when the lights go low, and the titles come up is almost otherworldly. But what about the people who enjoy going down on each other while others are under the spell of action taking place on the screen?

Sex in movie theaters is nothing new — it’s been going on since the early days of motion pictures. Sure, it had its peak during the ‘70s, and the golden age of grindhouse and obscure exploitation flicks, but it’s still going strong. It’s a major turn-on for lots of couples all around the globe.

Therefore, let’s try and debunk what’s doable and not while inside a theater or a giant multiplex hall.

Getting Kinky in the Front Row

Inviting someone over to watch a movie at your place is a pretty well-known signal that you want to get intimate with them. And with all the streaming platforms and big-ass TV screens we have today, this practice is still going strong. But your Netflix and Amazon Prime can’t exactly replicate the magic of a theater. It’s nowhere near the same!

We’re sure you’ve at least once seen a couple kissing and hugging extensively while sitting next to you in the theater. But what about lovers at the back of the room? They sure as hell ain’t just touching hands and petting each other. Yup, they’re going full-on third base or even all-out penetration.

It usually starts with being gentle, but by the end of the movie, some enjoy intercourse as well. It’s a rather popular kink in America, and it doesn’t have to be an adult movie for couples to try having sex. Some do it while watching a late-night Pixar animated movie. But don’t worry — they do it because the theaters are usually empty in the evening hour screenings of kids’ movies.

Why Some People Have Sex in the Cinema

We’re sure you’ve asked yourself by now, “Why do people have sex in movie theaters?” And we don’t blame you. For some, it’s quite unimaginable to be intimate while surrounded by others in public. But for others, it’s a major fantasy they enjoy exploring. The potential risk of being caught is thrilling for them.

On the other hand, sex in public (“cruising”) was a major deal in the gay community in the past. Cruising for casual fun with strangers is popular in restrooms, parking lots, or theaters. And for the majority of participants, this was a way of fulfilling their desires without risking being seen in gay bars or well-known places for outed gays.

But besides gays and kinksters, sex in the cinema is also a bucket list thing for some. People want to experience all sorts of things before their time comes, and being intimate in the theater is a common thing on their lists. It’s just a boost of adrenaline you want to feel at least once. Hence, trying it when you’ve got nothing to lose is pretty understandable.

It’s also worthy to hear what psychologists think of public intimacy. Most agree that there are no rules when it comes to the type of people who enjoy it. You don’t have to be an extrovert to indulge in such activities. It mostly comes down to the thrill of breaking norms and rules the society puts upon us.

Some Helpful Tips for You and Your Partner

When it comes to tips while having sex in a theater, there are no exact rules you can apply but one — don’t get caught. Nonetheless, we’ll try to inform you about the best possible scenario you can play along and have a successful night at the movies.

For starters, you shouldn’t pick a box office hit for your night out. Big hits draw large crowds to the theater. So, you won’t be able to pull it off without someone spotting you. You should look for movies that have awful reviews or that have been out for months now. Some also go to screenings of kids’ movies in the late hours when families aren’t coming, and there are just a couple of tickets sold.

But besides your movie choice, it’s key you wear something that’s easy to take off. For example, girls should wear skirts, and guys can go in their tracksuits or shorts. That way, you won’t have to pull your pants down, and if someone sees you, you can always say she was trying to pass by you.

And most importantly, the best way to have sex in a movie theater is to pick the last row in the theater. If you’re sitting behind everyone else, the chance of being seen will be less likely. So, choose those dark seats in the back, and keep it quite as much as you can. And if you’re not ready for full-on sex, you can bring her favorite sex toy in the beginning.

What People Who Work in the Theaters Have To Say

Working at a movie theater can be pretty stressful sometimes. You have to deal with all kinds of people, and since social distancing (See WHO Advisory) is a big thing now, you’re pretty much out of work. But what do cinema employees say about sex in movie theaters? Most of them have had some sort of experience with kinksters over the years.

Frankly, they don’t like it at all. Cleaning up after people had sex is as gross as anything you can imagine. Picking up used condoms, whipping off loads of dirty seats, and hoping their boss doesn’t find out about it is hell. If they could, they’d ask you to please don’t try it at their place of business.

It’s not like they’re working at brothels or adult theaters of old where these things were regular. They are there to sell you popcorn, check your ticket, and tell you to enjoy the brand-new superhero splatter Hollywood fooled you to pay for. It’s an ungrateful job, full of dealing with all sorts of badly behaved people.

But hey, it’s not all bad. We’re not suggesting you don’t try it. We’re just telling you to keep in mind that there are people out there who’re looking to get you while you’re in the middle of a blowjob. So, either way, be careful and pick some box office bombs if you’re going to try sex at the movies with your partner.

Author: blackrabbit798