Outdoor Adventure: Taking Sex Out of the Bedroom and Into the Wild Outdoors

Let’s be honest — sex is great in every form. Just the fact that you’re having sex is enough to get people off and get their dopamines rushing through the body. But, let’s say you’ve had a steady relationship of ten years. You’ve been doing the same thing in the same bed (or sleeping bag) for a decade now. How do you bring something new to your sex life?

That new thing could well be sex in public. The fact that you’re doing something different from the norm is exciting in and of itself. But, the excitement with outdoor sex comes in the shape of the risk factor of getting caught. While you’re having sex, you’re also on your toes to make sure nobody is going to run into you. Once you’re done without getting caught (or, even better, barely avoiding getting caught), you will feel even more satisfied and excited.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best places to have outdoor sex, as well as why people like outdoor sex in the first place.

The Common Fantasy

Outdoor sex fetish is perhaps the most common sexual fantasy out there. There’s probably not a single person who hasn’t entertained the idea at least once. Even if you’re an introvert not looking for an adventure, having sex in the great outdoors is a simple way to spice up your sex life without doing something that’s completely strange to you. It’s still just sex. There’s no weird fetish about it that you’re not into.

Basically, with public sex, we have an added excitement factor because we can get caught. Regardless of whether you do it in a public toilet, in a park, or in your car, there’s always a chance that somebody’s going to walk by and notice you. And that somebody could be your local police officer who would really like to make you regret your decision. That sense of adventure brings an extra wave of dopamine flying to your brain when you pull off the heist.

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Additionally, not only does it break the monotony of your regular sex life, but it also gives you a great experience. Next time you go to a certain park, you’ll know you’ve done something kinky there in the past, and it’s a great memory to revisit. And if you’re a guy, let’s face it, it’s a great story to tell your buddies.

Why Do People Do It in Public?

When you think about public sex, in fairness, its idea is way more exciting than the act itself. When you do it for the first time, you may not be fully focused on the task at hand. You’ll constantly be looking over your shoulder any time you hear a chirp. And there’s a reason we sleep in our comfy beds and not in our cramped cars. More often than not, public sex may be physically uncomfortable, which is something you don’t really take into consideration beforehand.

But, people still do it anyway, over and over again. Why is that? What is the actual psychology behind public sex? A huge element of it is that it caters to the exhibitionist who’s present in all of us (or most of us, if you will). Both introverts and extroverts find the idea of doing something against the rules appealing. We simply find it arousing when we fantasize about getting jiggy with a crowd around. For many of us, sex is still something naughty that we do behind closed doors. When you open those doors and go outside to do it, you create a lot of room for excitement.

During any sexual activity (be it having sex or watching porn), we release dopamine, among other things, obviously. Dopamine is a hormone that makes us (i.e., our brains) feel euphoric and rewarded. Some studies show that our dopamine levels are so high during an orgasm that our brain experiences a similar high to being on heroin. When you get done with public sex without getting caught, dopamine levels are even higher than normal, making public sex even more rewarding.

The Best Places to Have Outdoor Sex

As we’ve already said, public sex sounds amazing, but there aren’t that many places that allow you to fully spread your wings and do it properly. Cars are always the go-to location for public sex, but vehicles are not always a good choice. You have to be in a reclined seat with a steering wheel and a gearshift to avoid. It’s usually uncomfortable, but neither of you wants to admit, and you just press on to get it over with.

The same goes for beaches. Yeah, it’s great and romantic to do it on a beach, but it can get pretty chaotic once you get there. You must come prepared with a towel, and you have to pray there’s no wind blowing, etc. And the worst thing that can happen is that the guy drops his soldier into the sand. All sorts of troubles can occur then (nobody wants a chicken cutlet).

To avoid these situations, we’ve come up with some suggestions.

Where Should You Do It

The roof is an ideal spot for outdoor sex, especially if you’re just getting into it. You don’t have to worry about getting spotted unless there’s a skydiving school nearby. The roof can also be cozy, especially if you’ve brought something to lie on. After you’re done, you can cuddle and watch at the stars. Basically, the only downside is if there’s bad weather or if this is not risky enough for you.

Doing it at sea or underwater is also amazing, especially if you’re doing it overnight. The water will cover up your nudity, and you can feel the thrill of seeing unaware people walking by the beach. Underwater sex does take some getting used to, though. Here’s a tip: use a buoy to help you with it. Another obvious choice is the toilet on an airplane. You get to join the mile-high club and fulfill another common fantasy.

Other great places include a boat, a graveyard (although that’s a bit freaky), a music festival, and a cave. If you want to do something really risky, you can go for a quickie in an elevator.


Legal Issues

While it’s fun and thrilling to think about getting caught, actually getting caught is not fun at all. Let’s make one thing clear: outdoor sex is about doing it somewhere else that’s not your home. It’s not about whipping your privates out in Times Square. There’s a fine line between outdoor sex and harassment. The police can arrest you for indecent exposure if they catch you in the act.

Indecent exposure is simply showing your privates to someone who’s not willing to see them. It’s okay that you and your partner willingly participate in sex. But, if someone walks in on you, their participation is not willful, and they might get offended by it.

The definition of indecent exposure varies from state to state, but you usually get a misdemeanor charge, which results in a fine. A second offense is a felony (jail time), and in the worst-case scenario, you might have to register as a sex offender.

So, while having outdoor sex is great fun, make sure you do it the right way and avoid getting into trouble.

Author: blackrabbit798