Cheating in relationships is part of everyday life for some people, and they are convinced that this taboo sex is so much better than what they have in their relationship. But is this really the case? Is cheating sex better than relationship sex? And if so, why is that the case? Here, we will take a look at cheating and why it might seem appealing to so many people. 

What Is Considered Cheating?

One of the main problems with cheating is determining what it really is. And the answer can be different for every single couple in the world. If there are two people in a relationship, they need to set up boundaries and determine what is allowed and what is not. 

For those in an open relationship, not many things will count as cheating (if any). But for the rest of the couples out there, it can start with a flirtatious message and grow into something a lot more serious. 

Exchanging simple messages doesn’t mean that the partner has cheated, but it rarely ends with texting. The next step on the list is usually meeting in person (if the two haven’t met before), and it can lead to sex. For some people, being in a romantic relationship is something holy and unbreakable, but for others, it will lead to a much better sex life. 

But why is it so much better? Why do people cheat? What is so special about having sex with someone that’s not your partner? Well, there are numerous answers to this question, so let’s start from the beginning.  

It’s Sneaky

Probably the first thing on the list is that cheating sex is sneaky. It’s something that needs to be done in private and with as much secrecy as possible. The couple will probably feel like Ethan Hunt in a new “Mission Impossible,” and they will do their best to keep their tracks hidden. 

The more they do it, the riskier it is, and the excitement will only grow. Since they are cheating, they need to ensure that no one finds out. That involves a lot of lying to other people, partners, spouses, and so on. 

There are many people who find this thrilling and much more arousing than having sex with their spouses. And what’s interesting is that sneaky sex is exciting even if a person does it with their partner. The very act of keeping everything secret will make it thrilling and arousing. 

Naturally, for those that enjoy this sort of action, it will make it even better if they are hiding from everyone with their side chick or guy.

It’s Taboo

For the majority of people who find cheating sex exciting, the main thrill comes from the fact that it is forbidden. They aren’t allowed to do it. They are bad people. And yet, it makes them want it even more. It is reverse psychology, and they love doing the opposite of what they should.

That is the reason why taboo has been so exciting since the beginning of time. While the subjects that are considered to be taboo may change in time, the thrill of doing something forbidden is always the same. 

There are so many people that want to have something they shouldn’t. They love being in the minority, and they love proving everyone wrong. And the same thing applies to cheating in a relationship. People who are into taboos probably wouldn’t cheat if they were in an open relationship. But once they know that what they are doing is wrong, it makes it only hotter and more attractive.

The Feeling of Winning

One of the major reasons why someone might cheat on their partner is the feeling of winning. If a person spent the majority of their life being rejected, humiliated, or just lonely, it might prove to be impossible to decline an offer from someone. Even if they are in a relationship, the feeling might be overwhelming for them, and they will adore the fact that someone is interested in them. That they are worthy of someone’s attention. 

Another person chose them, and they are special. There is no doubt that it feels good. The very feeling of being chosen, of being someone’s number one is incredible. Especially to all people that were picked last in the gym class. 

And the difference this act will make is that they will break their promise and do something that they’d never thought possible. For these people, cheating is not a way of life. They aren’t doing it because it’s fun, sneaky, or forbidden. They will do it because the feeling is overwhelming. And essentially, they have no power to refuse it.  


Finally, we should talk about jealousy and the impact it may have on the relationship. One of the main advantages of open relationships is that the couple will feel a lot less jealous compared to the traditional ones. 

Jealousy usually shows a lack of trust between two people. If they were in a loving, faithful relationship, there would be no reason for someone to feel jealous. That is unless there is some deeper underlying problem. 

But some scientists suggest that the feeling of jealousy is just our own reflection that we present to our partners. If we are unfaithful, it is less likely that we will believe our partner is faithful. At the same time, a person willing to spend the rest of their life with their partner in a cheating-free relationship will believe that their special someone feels the same. 

Furthermore, jealousy is always between two people in a relationship. When someone is cheating, they are escaping the feeling and what they might see as toxic. Of course, a bit of jealousy can be a good thing from time to time, but if someone lets the feeling control them, it can spell the end of the relationship.  

But It Does Not End Well

The final thing we need to address is that cheating rarely ends up well. Cheating can put an end to a relationship. If two people that are cheating are both in relationships, it can ruin it for so many people if someone discovers the truth. And things can get even more complicated if the couple is married or have children. 

As you can probably guess, not every person is forgiving. Catching your spouse red-handed can mean the end of the world as you know it. While it is possible for them to settle their differences, it is more likely that it will be the end. 

Finally, even if the end result is not as drastic as divorce, it is almost certain that someone will get hurt in the process. 

Author: blackrabbit798