Have you ever wondered what is so exciting about cuckolding? Is this a popular fantasy or something that a few men want to try? If you are looking to learn more about this kink, you’re in the right place. Here, we will discuss the logic behind it, why so many people want to try it, and how it might be beneficial for your relationship. 

What Is Cuckolding?

Before we get into the logic, fantasy, and idea behind cuckolding, we should discuss what this is. Cuckolding fantasy or cuckold fetish means that a man is into watching his wife or girlfriend sleep with someone else. In general, a cuckold is a husband of a cheating wife. If you reverse the roles, the wife of a cheating man is a cuckquean. 


The term comes from a cuckoo bird that lays eggs in other birds’ nests. For some, this might be a part of role-playing or experimenting in a relationship, and for others, it is a problem. The term can also refer to men whose wives are cheating on them even if they don’t know anything about it. But today, it is most commonly referring to fantasy and role-playing rather than real-life situations. Another thing that a couple might try out is dirty talk during the session, and it can also involve a bit of humiliation. 


It is also common to hear the abbreviation of the term and hear someone called a cuck. So, let’s get back to the fetish. If a woman enjoys cuckolding her partner, we can also call her a cuckoldress. For some, cuckolding is a way to enrich the relationship and make everything more exciting. Couples like this often try this out in real life, and not just as a fantasy. 

How Common Is Cuckolding?

If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, you are probably thinking that this is a rare phenomenon. However, this fantasy is quite common. Many men enjoy thinking about this. But not many have a chance to try it out and test how it feels in reality. Probably the main problem is being secretive about sexual fantasies and having a fear of rejection. 


No one wants others to shame them for their interests and kinks, and the only way they can explore their fantasies is by cuckolding porn. The majority of men with this kink are too ashamed (or afraid) to talk to their partner, and they keep worrying about what they might think. 


It would be nearly impossible to tell the real number of men with this fetish. The closest thing we can do is mention that it is one of the top categories on porn websites. 


Finally, we should mention that cuckolding is not tied to any sexuality, gender, or party. Anyone can be a cuck, and the same applies to the cuckoldress and the bull (the person the partner is cheating with). 

Why Do Men Like It?

And now, for the million-dollar question. Why do men like cuckolding? What is so attractive about being cheated on? There are a couple of reasons and several things you need to understand about this fetish, nature, and point of view. 


The first theory is related to biology, and it’s called “sperm competition theory.” Some scientists suggest that if a man sees his partner with another person, it will prompt a response to having more vigorous and longer sex. 


That will also lead to harder ejaculations, more sperm, and shorter time between erections. While this isn’t confirmed, it seems like a decent explanation. Another theory is more believable, and it focuses on jealousy. For some, jealousy will cause them to want their partner more, making sex so much better. 


The complete opposite of jealousy or competition is another great reason for being a cuck. What we mean is that a person will feel true happiness for seeing their partner feel good. Finally, there is humiliation and submission as an obvious theory about why men love being cuckolded. Submissive/dominant relationships are commonplace in cuckolding since it is an excellent way to humiliate or punish a submissive partner.   

The Psychology Behind it

The psychology behind cuckolding is based on the type of relationship and the reason why someone is being cuckolded. Let’s start from the beginning. 


For some men, watching their wife have sex with another person might be a turn on since it is so much similar to watching porn. If you think about it, porn shows a couple having sex, and you are a voyeur. And if you really love your wife, think she’s gorgeous, wouldn’t you like her to be the main actress in the movie? While some men enjoy recording their sessions, others would rather watch it in real-time. 


If we take a look at a Dom/sub relationship, things are a lot simpler. The dominant person is enjoying the pleasure of having sex with a bull, and they enjoy humiliating their partner. At the same time, the submissive person enjoys being humiliated. 


At the same time, all of these scenarios serve as a way to deepen the connection between two people. Their sexuality, gender, or anything else is irrelevant to the story, and the only thing that matters is how much they care for each other. Furthermore, when a person is willing to share their deepest desires and fantasies with another person, it shows a whole new level of trust. And if the couple is on the same page, it will be an incredible experience. 


Naturally, not every person is interested in being a cuck, and it is more than obvious how it might be a deal-breaker for some. If you never dreamed of watching your partner have sex with someone else, then you might not want to try out cuckold fantasy. 

Author: blackrabbit798