Laws exist to keep us safe and to make our daily lives go smoothly and without any problems. However, many laws are either outdated or just too weird. Here, we will cover a couple of laws related to sex that still exist around the world (and perhaps, they shouldn’t).

Some laws are unusual, and others raise some questions. There are also those that are so wrong that they should be changed immediately.

What Are Sex Laws?

When we say sex laws, we mean any law that dictates how people should or shouldn’t have sex. Surprisingly, there are many weird sex laws around the world, and they all have a similar idea. At one point in history, someone tried to force people to follow an imaginary norm. They decided what kind of behavior was “normal,” and people not following it were obviously criminals. Sometimes, the law is an extension of religion, culture, or any institution that wants to meddle in people’s everyday affairs.

Of course, there are many laws regarding sex that are more than reasonable and are present in nearly every country. These include sex without consent, anything involving minors, animals, etc. It is more than obvious that these are designed with people’s safety and health in mind, and they are perfectly fine.

But it is not rare to see an unusual law appear somewhere, and people are often confused by its existence.

Weird Sex Laws in the US

Let’s start from the beginning and look at some of the US laws that might seem a bit strange. In Alabama, it is illegal for a woman to settle her tab with sex if she loses a game of pool. While we doubt that someone will get a couple of years in prison for this act, it’s an awfully specific piece of legislation.

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to have sex with a truck driver in a tollbooth. But why? Of course, if you are a truck driver, you should be relieved to know that this applies only to Harrisburg. So all you need to do is travel to nearby Lancaster and have as much fun in a tollbooth as you want.

Similarly, in Newcastle (Wyoming), couples can’t have sex while standing in the walk-in meat freezer. Does this mean that they can do it while sitting or in other parts of the store? We have so many questions.

Of course, some laws are more discriminatory than others. In Tremonton (Utah), it is illegal for a woman to have sex with a man while riding in an ambulance. Besides regular charges, her name will be published in a local newspaper.

And if the ladies out there feel bad, we should add that men aren’t allowed to have sex with a live fish in Minnesota. Finally, in Connersville (Wisconsin), it is illegal for a man to shoot from a gun during his partner’s orgasm.

Weird Sex Laws Around the World

However, laws in the United States are not the weirdest sex laws, and the rest of the world follows closely. Some laws are weird because they seem too harsh. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many more laws across the world that should be changed as soon as possible.

Strange Laws That Seem Too Harsh

So the first category is laws that seem like too much and could get many people in trouble if traveling abroad. For example, kissing in public is not allowed in Dubai, and a couple could get arrested. This is considered public indecency, and the same applies for hugging and cuddling. There’s a similar law in Vienna, but only for public transport. More on prohibited actions in Dubai.

In Colombia, if a man catches his wife cheating, he is legally allowed to kill her. They call it the excusable act of passion, and it only applies if he catches her in the sexual act. However, this isn’t the only weird law in the country. Another one obliges a mother to be present during her daughter’s first sex.

But sex is not the only way to get into trouble in some countries. In Indonesia, for example, masturbating can land you over two years in prison (32 months, to be precise). If you think this is too much, some reports claim that the actual sentence is decapitation.

Finally, in Lebanon, it is illegal to have sex with a male animal. If you remove the word “male” from the sentence, the law seems quite reasonable, but the fact that it is perfectly legal to have sex with animals as long as they are female is more than weird.

Strange Laws Across the World

Now that we covered disturbing laws, let’s get back to the funny ones that are a “normal” amount of weird. For example, being naked in a hotel room in Singapore is prohibited by law. This means that you can get arrested if you are seen standing in front of a window while being naked. Of course, it only applies to the parts of the room where you are exposed to the public view.

Furthermore, in London, it is illegal to have sex on a parked motorbike. The law dates to World War II when men got a little too excited while celebrating freedom.

To make things more interesting (for the rest of the world, of course), in Uganda, sexy music is illegal. That’s right. In 2014, the Parliament passed a new anti-pornography bill that covers not only photos and videos but audio files. This means that you can’t listen to “You Can Leave Your Hat On” without going to prison. In Santa Cruz, Bolivia, a man can’t have sex with a lady and her mother at the same time.

And finally, gynecologists in Bahrain are not allowed to look at female genitals. And no, this is not another Bird Box challenge. They can look at the genitals but only through a mirror.

Why Some Weird Sex Laws Should Be Removed

There are so many sex laws in each country, and some of them should be removed as soon as possible. Needless to say, the ones we mentioned in the “too harsh” section should undoubtedly be revisited. But there is so much more. Some countries (and even states in the US) are not fond of sex toys, for example. Just imagine living in a country where the possession of an automatic rifle is perfectly fine, but a dildo can get you in prison.

Similarly, there are conservative countries that believe that sexual intercourse should be only between men and women, and they made same-sex relationships illegal. Furthermore, some laws that favor predators, put women at disadvantage, abuse them, and discriminate against anyone who goes against their beliefs. Needless to say, this is wrong on so many levels.

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It is perfectly understandable why having sex with an animal is illegal, but preventing people from getting married or being in a relationship is plain wrong.

Author: blackrabbit798